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With just over two weeks until the end of the financial year, many people are looking forward to getting a tax refund. Some will have catch-up payments to make.

"Of the 12.4 million people who lodged a tax return last year, 10.3 million received a refund, so it makes sense to start thinking about preparing your 2012 tax return now," said Tax Commissioner Michael D'Ascenzo.

Lodging your return

"We are here to help you and make the lodgement of your tax return as easy as possible. If you prepare your tax return yourself, the easiest and quickest way to prepare and lodge your tax return is online using e-tax, the ATO's free, convenient and secure lodgment service. E-tax is available from 1 July. Last year over 2.6 million people took advantage of this service," Mr D'Ascenzo said.

Save time and ensure your return is accurate by pre-filling your e-tax return with information we receive from your employer, bank, Government agencies, health fund and more. This information is available as we receive it, with most available by late July. All you need to do is check the information and add any missing details.

Additional benefits of using e-tax include:

  • built-in checks and calculators to help you get it right
  • being able to save and print your return, so you don't have to complete it in one go
  • instant confirmation when you lodge
  • Electronic Fund Transfer capability, allowing for quick and secure payment of refunds into your bank account
  • most refunds will issue in 12 business days or less

After 1 July you can check the progress of your tax return with our online progress of return tool. All you need is your tax file number. This free service is available for individual tax returns only and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lodging through a registered tax agent

You can also lodge your tax return though a registered tax agent. If this is the first time you are lodging through a tax agent or you are using a different tax agent this year, you will need to contact them by 31 October 2012. As tax time is a busy period for agents, it's best to contact them early.

Occupations in the spotlight this tax time

"This year, we will be paying close attention to deductions claimed by people employed as plumbers, information technology managers and defence force non-commissioned officers.

"We have found people in these groups are at higher risk of making mistakes with their work-related expenses due to the types of deductions they are entitled to claim.

"We will write to around 90,000 people employed in these occupations about assistance that we can provide. This includes new guides developed specifically for these occupations to help people maintain accurate records throughout the year so that they can get their claims right this tax time."


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