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The Capital Gains Worksheet :

? Decide on whether a capital gain should be calculated using the discount or
indexation method.
? Offset losses against gains – determined by order and amount.
? Transfer the results from the worksheets into the ATO’s CGT Summary.
? Transfer the amount from the CGT Summary into the Main form I at item 17.
? Enter capital losses brought forward (collectables and non-collectables).
? Produce a summary report that lists all gains/losses and a breakdown that


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Processing procedures: Accounting is known as the process of collecting, recording, reporting, analysing and interpreting financial data to meet the information requirements of the owners of a business, other businesses that deal with them and of course the government.

Tax General Conditions Print E-mail

General conditions that apply to this engagement

During all engagements the client is expected to effect and agree to all of the following plans, rules & hints: -

1. Ensure that a separate cashbook is properly maintained for each type of business or project in operation, thus recording all income, expenses and GST clearly and regularly. Further ensure that any private expenses are identified of also recorded in the same.

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We design many dissection methods for the purpose of categorically recording information we receive from our clients. This process is also tedious but extremely necessary, the process will involve sorting and evaluating the information on hand prior to recording a classification.


Some Activities

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