The power of positive thinking
Owning a business is a risky and challenging endeavour. If you're like most entrepreneurs, you've taken numerous risks with both your time and your money, only to see your best efforts produce little or no tangible results. No doubt you have from time to time felt frustrated and reluctant to put yourself out there and take another gamble.
Banking: Cash flow problem

Go to fullsize imageA reader tells about a cash barrier

You might think that if you put cash into your bank you could ask for cash if you wanted to take it out. Not so, according to one Money reader. "It was explained that this could not be done, being the bank’s policy," says Jane. "I answered it was outrageous that I could put cash in but could not take cash out and was charged $10 for the privilege of having a piece of bank paper."


A great marketing tool: your own book!
Go to fullsize imagef you want to leapfrog competitors, stand out from the crowd, break through the clutter and increase your brand awareness, produce a book. While it might seem left of field to some, producing your own book will result in greater visibility, credibility, reach and the thing we’re all looking for – leverage – for your business.

5 tips to boost sales to existing customers
boost_sales Even though it’s important to pursue new customers and new markets, it’s absolutely crucial not to neglect the customers that have supported and given you the success you enjoy today. Everyone knows that it’s cheaper and easier to garner incremental business from existing customers. Some even argue that it is 6 times cheaper and 75% easier to convert a sale from someone who already knows and trusts you.
Low cost strategies

Go to fullsize imageMarketing expenditure should be viewed as an investment not a cost.

This is true, but from small to large businesses, there’s often a sneaking suspicion about marketing spend, particularly among non-marketers.  This may be partly attributable to the lack of hard-nosed evaluation by some marketers.

But everyone seems to want low-cost marketing, so we should explore the concept.  First, an option that looks really low-cost, but can turn out to be very costly – marketing without a plan.  If your marketing and promotions are a knee-jerk response, you’re just as likely to fail as to succeed, and worse, you won’t even have a clear idea why.

Technology: the new marketing tool

Go to fullsize imageNo matter whether you are a tech head or a technophobe it’s time to tap into technology to boost your image and brand.  Whether you like it or not how you use technology says heaps about your business.  Just like the way you dress and the car you drive, technology sends a subtle message about where you sit in the marketplace.  

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