Status of tax and BAS agents when renewing registration Print E-mail

The Tax Practitioners Board has reminded those BAS and tax agents who have submitted their renewal applications on time that they remain registered until the Board has made a decision and notified them of the outcome in writing.

The Board says the time taken to process a new application or a renewal can vary depending on the individual circumstance of each applicant. When applications are submitted online, the Board will send the applicant an email, confirming it has received the application.

The Board says common causes for delay include:

  • applicants not providing all required information with the application;
  • the complexity of business and partnership structures;
  • incomplete qualification records;
  • insufficient evidence of relevant experience;
  • issues of fitness and propriety.

To be considered complete, applicants need to provide all relevant documentation and information and have paid the application fee.

Further information is on the Board's website.


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