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How to get paid to do nothing

Some years ago I had a colleague I'll call June. It seemed that every time I went to the ladies' room, June was there, applying mascara, combing her long, dark tresses and chatting. She also spent lots of time out on the sidewalk smoking, and in the cafeteria.

Cashing in on the mining boom
What's the best way for investors to tap into the potential of the mining boom, without the heart-stopping volatility that mining stocks sometimes deliver?
Paying attention to paying attention

Go to fullsize imageIf senior managers could become more mindful, we could strengthen our grounding in reality. It is hard for leaders to influence reality when we can’t even see it. The simplest definition I have heard of mindfulness is: the practice of paying attention without judgment. Simple maybe, but not so easy - and not so common.

Aus rare earth producers jump on China cut

Go to fullsize imageA decision by China to cut its quota for rare earths exports has seen a spike in share prices of Australian miners of the commodity, used in electronic products.


Are you in business or busy-ness?

Go to fullsize imageIf you are like most business owners, you went into business because you are passionate about, and good at, what you do and you wanted the autonomy and financial freedom of owning your own business. You were probably thinking: “as long as I am good at what I do, how hard can it be to make a decent living and support my family?” And you have probably discovered that it is actually harder than you thought.

The Celebrity Billionaires 2010
By Lacey Rose

By our count, there are 1,011 billionaires in the world, but thanks to media exposure, if not overexposure, some are far more recognizable than others.


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