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Members Voluntary Liquidations – A little used art?

Go to fullsize imageMany directors and some of their advisors never consider what they should do with a company once it has fulfilled its role and its reason for being no longer exists.

Advance Fee Frauds – Again

Go to fullsize imageThe papers again contain articles about business people who have been defrauded under an advance fee fraud. Not surprisingly the vehicle is once again an application for an overseas loan.

It’s a matter of Trust

Go to fullsize imageOne of my partners suggested a topic for an article for this newsletter. He had a case where a bankrupt had tried to alienate some personal property by transferring it to a family trust under circumstances that may make that transfer void.

Securing Your Investment

Go to fullsize imageAs is all too common these days, a director's life (and quite often that of their partner) is interwoven with that of their company.

Taking the “Family” out of Family Business

Go to fullsize imageAs business owners we all like to think we are building and growing something of value which might one day be able to be passed down to our children to give them a bit of a head start in the business world.


Get a website for your firm

Go to fullsize imageThis is a two part article to help accounting firms get themselves online in
the most cost effective manner. Many businesses are doing it tough and no
one wants their profits gobbled up by technology that doesn't deliver a return.

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