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We are dedicated to the provision of quality and continuing taxation, accountancy and business management services to all type of businesses. Our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with maximum assistance and excellent services all at a reasonable and well-structured fee plan.

Staff Structure


Michael Hung Dinh Quach, PNA, ATMA is the sole proprietor who oversees our whole operation and is responsible for all engagements including amongst other things:

- Contracting Professional Liability taxation matters

- Performances Conduct Liaison

- Staff Office management Pricing

- Procedures Public Liability Policies


Michael Hung, PNA, ATMA is a qualified registered agent, an accountant with more than 20 years experience in taxation and accountancy.

Mr. Michael Hung is a member with professional organizations, which include the following:

- Member of National Institute of Accountants

- Associate member of the AMTA

Staff and Employees

Other staff members include:

* Principal (Senior Charge rate)

* Secretary (Junior Charge rate)

* Senior Staff (Senior charge rate)

* Filing Clerk (Junior Charge rate)

* Office Manager (Senior Charge rate)

* Junior Trainees (Half Junior rate)

All our members are fully trained in their fields and are expected to comply with our internal rules, including matters related to:

- Privacy of information


- Liaison

- Client Confidentiality



Employee staffs are specifically instructed not to indulge in communications, technical information or advice to anyone.


Some Activities

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